*Hilary Peoples* the best lease consultant !!

Its been just two weeks since I moved to the huntington apartments. During my first visit to this apartment I met Hilary who became my lease consultant. She was extremely friendly and after only a brief conversation she understood my requirements because the units that she selected to show me (which were just maybe 3 so we didn't have to spend a great deal of time) , were exactly what I was looking for. When I walked out of the apartment, I didn't bother to go anywhere else because I had already prepared my mind that 'this is it!'
Ever since then which was 2 months ago, until the time I finally moved in she has always been extremely co-operative and just by speaking over the phone, I was able to co-ordinate my move without any issue. She's a very sweet person, very patient and is always responsive. For anyone who is debating on moving here, call Hilary and she will help you find your new home like she did mine :)